At Hinde Racing we aim to provide you with the perfect bike, not only for your own size/geometry but to suit your cycling needs and budget. 
We welcome all your feedback to help us bring you even better bikes and levels of service.
Here is what some of our customers had to say about their experience with Hinde Racing and our products/bikes.

As a complete newcomer to cycling I could not be more impressed with the service that I received at David Hinde. I now have a beautiful custom built road bike which has been made to measure to my exact size. I cannot recommend David Hinde racing enough. Catherine Pearson (May 2017)
I took a battered beaten mountain bike wheel in on Tuesday last. We agreed that as the poor thing had had two spoked smashed out and had a lot more bent it was time to re build it. Dave Hinde had done this by Thursday ! It's like a new wheel! Just had it out in the lakes all weekend - it's true running smooth, good as new.
Top service and top advice. Paul Cawood (May 2017)

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and when I rode my brand new made-to-measure Hinde bike for the first time a few days ago, it was like lemon soufflé with a generous helping of cream. The ride is silky smooth, effortless, in fact. I'm sure I didn't use to be that fit, but it took me up the Peak District hills with me barely noticing any pain at all!
Dave seems to know his stuff as he measured me up and put together what I can only describe as a bike that feels like an extension of me. Literally, think mermaid playing in the surf, then swap fish tail for wheels... you get the picture.
I've searched for three years to find a bike that fits me and that I could afford. Women specific bikes just aren't right as they still use men's frames, so unless you go for made-to-measure, or you have men's dimensions, then it's impossible to get something that feels right.
I'd absolutely recommend Dave Hinde bikes, they were so patient with me when I had a girlie moment about my colour choice and fitted in with every whim I had, without protest. Excellent service. 5 STAR Emma Cooney (March 2017)

Following a few issues with a new specialized wheel, dropped it off at Dave HINDE and picked ut ip the next day running true and squeak free. They will be my go to shop in the future. 5 STAR Darren Greatbanks (March 2017)
I had never heard of Dave Hinde before a few months ago I decided to give it a go, I thought I had to go and visit. I went to the shop and met James and Dave who provided me with a lot of information about their bikes, how they source their frames etc.... In addition we also discussed my needs for a new road bike. I have found the discussions very professional (I have been cycling and met with lots of people in the last 25 years, so I think I can make the difference ;) ), technical and friendly. After a few visits, I decided to buy the bike (this was January). I was kept regularly informed of the progress and was very pleased with the results. Since I picked up the bike, I visited the shops on a few occasions and always felt welcomed in addition of being served in a professional manner.

To summarize:
Large choice of quality frame and components
Professional advice and built
Excellent after sales customer service
Very competitive pricing for custom made bikes
Friendly people

Shall I recommend them to friends and family? Definitively yes. 5 STAR Christophe Cenac (March 2017)

I've just collected my second new bike from David Hinde. Their service is highly personalized and very professional. When I was choosing the bikes, they asked lots of questions about my intended use and steered me towards the ideal set up. Both times they have dissuaded me from choosing a higher specification, saying that for my intended use I wouldn't really feel the benefit. They could easily have allowed me to spend hundreds of pounds more and I would have been none the wiser. 5 STAR Michael Newman (March 2017)

Ordered a 4iiii power meter for my bike, Jim gave me constant updates via email regarding the status of the order and posted it out direct to the bike shop who were fitting it for me. Really pleased with how the whole transaction progressed and will use them again 5 STAR Brian Woods (March 2017)

great personal service from a really well experienced LBS. Built me a wheel and really pleased with it. 5 STAR Dan Conaway (February 2017)

Bought my first road bike from Dave Hinde after comparing bikes at many other shops. 4 years later I still go back to have it serviced, new chain rings etc put on and I still do compare prices!! Always get good advice and helpful information when I ask , and now about to look for my next bike from there - of course I will keep my old one :-) 5 STAR Claire Shaw (February 2017)
I went to Dave as a Campagnolo specialist for what I suspected would be a tricky repair on a pair of old Campagnolo Boras. The hubs had been worn and deteriorating for some years and we're no longer responding to superficial work.
A couple of local shops had hinted at the extent of repair and didn't seem too keen to take the job on. After going to Dave I realised why. The wheels had to be virtually unlaced and rebuilt to access and replace internal bearing races (good old Campag design!) but Dave embraced the challenge with Jim sending me pictures and keeping me updated with progress all the way. The wheels are like new again!
Impressed with this work, I presented him with another challenge, taking the ultra torque chainset out of my most beloved frame. I'd accidentally tightened it when trying to remove it to such an extent that
neither I, some burly friends nor a couple of local shops could remove it 😳
Dave stuck it on his jig and must have some blisters to show from his efforts to remove it, which, to my delight, were successful!
I'll definitely use Dave again! 5 STAR Stephen Feeney (February 2017)

Super knowledgable friendly and helpful. Thanks James! 5 STAR Phil Maryline Higham (January 2017)